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  UV and IR Transmitting
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  CLEARCERAM-Z: Regular & HS
Near Zero CTE
Optical Glass Polished Substrates
  Precision Double Side Polishing
Ultra Clean, Low Surface Roughness
Optical Glass IR Materials & Optical Crystals
  Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide, Germanium, Sapphire, & Silicon. Calcium Flouride & Barium Flouride
Optical Glass Measurement Services
  Refractive Indices & Homogeneity
Spectral Transmission & Stress Birefringence
Optical Glass Glass-Ceramics & Advanced Products
  Glass-Ceramic Polished Substrates for DWDM Filters (WMS-15)
Glass Disks for Flying Height Testers (GD-FHT)
Lithium-Ion Conducting Glass-Ceramic (LICGC™)

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For more than 80 years, Ohara has been building a reputation as one of the finest optical glass manufacturers in the world. Ohara's dedication to innovation, quality control and customer service has enabled us to consistently exceed the expectations of our most important audience, our customers.

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New Glass Types New Glass Types
Radiation Resistant Glasses
Ohara has now added a new family of radiation resistant glass types. These non-browning glasses include...
An optical glass with high refractive indices and the smallest positive dn/dT value within the LAH glass family. It's ideal for polished lenses of automotive cameras.
An optical glass within the LAM family with negative dn/dT. Ideal for polished lenses in Automotive camera lens systems.
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