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`NANOCERAM ™ is a trademark of Ohara

Introducing NANOCERAM™, a new ultra-durable glass ceramic from OHARA



Product Sheet

▪ 3x the impact resistance of glass

▪ Outstanding scratch resistance

▪ Moldable for curved shapes

▪ 40% lighter than sapphire

▪ Excellent chemical resistance

▪ Protective cover glass

▪ Mobile devices

▪ Smart watches/wearables

▪ Military applications

▪ Surgical devices/scopes

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nanoceram shattering

Nanoceram Comparison

Nanoceram Chart

Please note there are two versions of NANOCERAM that we refer to as NC-1 and NC-2. NC-1 is slightly stronger and harder. NC-2 has improved internal transmittance in the visible range of the spectrum.

Nanoceram NC-2 Transmittance




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