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An optical glass for polished lenses with a Δn/ΔT that is close to zero.

S-FPM5 is a glass material with a Δn / ΔT closer to zero than conventional FP-based glass materials and is expected to effectively correct refractive index fluctuations (temperature drift) due to temperature changes. In addition, it has a high partial dispersion ratio θg, F, which is a characteristic of FP-based glass materials and is effective for correcting secondary chromatic aberration. This glass material can be used, not only for in-vehicle camera lenses, but also for other applications such as projector and interchangeable lenses.


  • Correct temperature drift
  • Effective when cemented with a lanthanum material lens
  • Effective for correcting secondary chromatic aberration
S-FPM5 Overview


  S-FPM5 (New product)
Classification of environmental measures Environmentally safe
Refractive index nd 1.55200
Abbe number vd 70.70
ΔnT relative
D line 40~60℃
Partial dispersion ratio θg,F 0.5421
Abnormal dispersibility ⊿θg,F 0.015
(10 -7 /℃)
-30 ~ +70°C 109
+100 ~ +300°C 129
Transition point Tg (℃) 474
Yield point At (℃) 503
Coloring degree λ 80 345
λ 5 -
Chemical durability RW (P) 1
RA(P) 2
W(S) 1
SR 52.1
PR 4.0
Specific Gravity 3.74
Knoop hardness Hk 410 (4)
Abrasion degree Aa 413
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Available Shapes

・Polished Preforms
・Polished Lenses
・Aspherical Glass Mold Lenses





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