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Measurement Service Center

Meaurement Service Center (PDF)
Ohara has established an independent service center to focus on materials measurement and analysis. This facility encompasses some of the world's most advanced optical metrology equipment and is capable of measuring glass ceramics, quartz, fused silica, calcium fluoride, liquids, polymers and other materials. We would be pleased to measure your optical materials. Please contact us for a quote.

Partial list of the measurement and analytical services:

Measurement of Refractive Indices
Refractive indices
Temperature coefficients of refractive index
Optical homogeneity
Stress birefringence/strain

Measurement of Spectral Transmission and Reflection
Transmission at UV, visible and infrared wavelengths
Internal transmittance

Measurement of Mechanical Characteristics
Knoop and Vickers hardness
Poisson's Ratio and Young's Modulus
Photoelastic constant

Measurement of Thermal Characteristics
Linear expansion coefficient
Thermal conductivity
Strain point and annealing point
Softening point

Evaluation of Chemical Durability
Evaluation of chemical durability by powder
and surface methods

Dimensional Measurements
Flatness, surface roughness, concentricity, angles, etc.
Analysis of composition and raw materials
Major and minor chemical composition elements

Micro Topography and Compositional Analysis
Pin-point surface analysis by SEM / EPMA
X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) measurement

Details of Refractive Indices

Refractive indices of solid and liquid

Temperature coefficient of refractive index

Optical homogeneity( Refractive index variation over an aperture)


Refractive indices at vacuum UV area (around 157nm)

Photo Tour of Measurement Service Center

measurement center

measurement services 2

measurement services 3

measurement services 3