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Glass-Ceramics and Advanced Products

Ohara has utilized our experience and extensive knowledge from the production of optical glass to develop innovative special glass materials for a variety of applications and components. These materials are excellent candidates for use in LCD microlithography, substrates for WDM / optical communication filters, and substrates for precision measurement equipment. Below is a list of advanced products we are currently offering. We would be pleased to develop new materials for your specific requirements.


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Ultra Low Expansion Glass-Ceramic (CCZ)
CLEARCERAM®-Z is a glass-ceramic with an Ultra-Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient. This material was developed by Ohara based on our knowledge of High Homogeneity melting and Precise Crystallization. This material is produced under tightly controlled conditions and offers outstanding thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. There are two versions of CLEARCERAM®-Z available based on thermal expansion differences; Regular and CCZ-HS.

Glass-Ceramic Polished Substrates for DWDM Filters (WMS-15)
Ohara's WMS-15 glass-ceramic substrates will enable manufacturers to produce leading edge DWDM and Gain-Flattening Filters. Our WMS substrates will facilitate the production of filters with extremely low thermal wavelength drift and low insertion loss values. WMS-15 has improved internal transmittance and exceptionally low surface roughness values.

Lithium-Ion Conducting Glass-Ceramic (LICGC™)
LICGC™  is a lithium ion conducting glass ceramic that was developed to serve as a true solid state electrolyte or separator in next generation lithium batteries and other electrochemical devices.  The unique properties of LICGC™  make it the enabling component in advanced lithium metal cells.

Special Glasses and Advanced Products

Glass Disks for Flying Height Testers (GD-FHT)
Ohara's GD-FHT is a finely polished glass disk used in the testing of magnetic recording heads designed for Hard Disk Drives. We supply three types of disks including Conventional, Low Waviness, and Super Low Waviness. These can be supplied with surface features such as anti-reflective coating. Conventional disks are well suited for fly height testing above 0.02 microns while Low and Super Low disks are used in lower fly heights around 0.01 microns. Ohara's GD-FHT disks have better electrical properties and ESD protection when compared to competing materials. Combined with excellent mechanical strength, production yields can be significantly improved.

Decorative and Artistic Glass
Ohara produces glass in various forms, shapes and sizes for Decorative and Artistic use. We supply decorative glass in strip, rod, block and pristine "chunk" forms. One of our specialties is a bubble containing glass which is magnificent when back lit. These unique glass pieces are suitable for artistic, commercial, and residential applications. We would be pleased to quote on your specific requirements.

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