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IR Materials & Optical Crystals

IR Materials

Ohara Corporation now offers infrared materials including germanium, silicon, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, and sapphire. The materials can be supplied in a large range of sizes and shapes including blank, polished, generated, and finished optics.

Optical Crystals

Optical crystals provided by Ohara Corporation include CaF2, BaF2, MgF2. These materials have a wide transmission range from 0.2um up to 13um and are suitable for many applications including laser based optics, windows, and other general optical requirements. Please click on the link for more information on our CaF2 and contact us for more details on BaF2 and MgF2.

  Download PDF: Calcium Flouride (CaF2)


Calcium Flouride (CaF2)




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